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Visit to San Diego and Hollywood

Hi all,

Just came back from a visit to San Diego, Hollywood and crossed over the border into Mexico at Mexicali.

San Diego is a marvelous place for an author to visit.  There is a section called Old Town where the Spanish influence is extremely powerful.  Also you can trace what happened to the Indian people here (Indians, Mexican/Indian) when California claimed half of Mexico.  Can you believe that 50,000 Indians were shot on sight (the bounty was $100 for men over 12 and $50 for women.  And that is as late as 1867.

Visited Universal Studios in Hollywood and really enjoyed the tour.  A tram takes you into back lot movie sets including Psycho and lets you experience Special Effects.

I'm waiting now to see if my audiobook "Kula Keiki Al'ii wins the Spoken Word Category of the Hawaiian Association of Recording Artists for which it was nominated this year.  Awards Ceremony is May 24/2014.

Here are some pictures from California and including the cover of my novel "Money Child" set in Newport Beach and my audiobook.  That's a Shamrock Margarita on St. Patrick's Day.

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