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New Novel - Dilemma - Satirizes Donald Trump like billionaire's attitudes

Hi all,

Delighted to let you know that my new novel "Dilemma:  A Romantic Comedy about Native Americans, Global Warming, and Billionaires is now available (Aug. 15th., 2017) from and is on Kindle as well.

Having witnessed the ludicrousness of Donald Trump's first 200 days as President of the U.S. one of my main characters, Malcolm Evans, the billionaire CEO of a real estate development company echoes the belief system of people like Donald Trump and probably even "the Mooch".  To get even with her father, my character, gorgeous Francis Evans, his Vice-President, partners with handsome Native American choreographer Simeon Yellowdancer to produce a grandson for Malcolm Evans.  This is in order to satisfy his ridiculous will.

World views of all three collide in satire as Francis and Simeon unexpectedly find that the old saying "opposites attract" still applies today.  This is a very timely novel and goodness knows everyone needs a little humor in this tumultous time.

Happy reading,

Rosemary Patterson

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