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About Us

Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D. is a former School Psychologist who writes self-help non-fiction, Environmental and Historical, Humor, Adventure and Romance novels, and metaphysical books.

Humorous Novels.

After spending a lot of time with my Rottweiller Bella in a senior's dog park I wrote a funny novel about Senior ladies in a dog walking club who make a large bet to get a knew boyfriend by Christmas. The boy friend has to come from the single members of their dog walking group.

Money Child is a humorous novel about a wealthy female entrepreneur who contracts with a Buddhist folksinger to father a child to meet the demands of her father's will. Tibetan Buddhist principles for relationships are embedded in the novel.41n1uPcITEL SL160 PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18 SH30 OU01 AA160

Healing Khadijah was written after I visited Malaysia and observed ladies in Burqas parasailing behind boats. The novel is a humorous look at East-West culture clash.

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