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Some of my latest books.These books can all be found on and in Kindle format as well as print.

The Great Canadian Adventure: From Indian Country To Nation State tells of the efforts of Kate Golden Eagle, a graduate History student to keep a documentary about native issues and dealings with the Indians unbiased instead of the usual of History. The result is romance, betrayal, character growth and the re-telling of Native American history with fictions characters that make it more readable. It relates to issues in the latest Pipeline Protest in North Dakota.

No Need To Say Goodbye below is a Metaphysical book that tells the amazing story of contact after death with my partner, author Edward . I now know from personal experience the personality survives without changing and that what we take with us from this life is the character and knowledge we built up. I am currently in the process of writing another metaphysical book about Purposeful Lives called "Not Really Coincidence."

Self-Help Books. 

The Way of the Supernova is a Retirement Guide for Baby Boomers that suggests a non-retirement retirement that leaves like the Supernova a legacy for future generations.

Liliha and the Sacred Mission is a Moana type young adult novel. Liliha must overcome her fears to save her Island from its latest crisis.

British Columbia Books.

Timber Sale

is the story of robber baron Alexander Duncan McRae's logging endeavors in Maillardville (Fraser Mills), and Vancouver Island (Comox logging) when using the latest technology (logging railroads, Spar trees, Steam Donkeys, steam tugs and a modernized mill) he succeeded in knocking down the largest Douglas Fir Forest in North America by 1930.

Return of the Canoe Societies tells of the efforts to obtain land claims by B. C. First Nations people since 1884. It is a Literary History with a group of First Nation's paddlers taking a voyage up the Coast of B. C. for reconciliation efforts.

At Eagle's Edge takes place in B. C. A sea lion named Survivor is rescued from a Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil and toxic condensate) spill and a Pro Surfing Championship surfer plus a young school teacher try and find a safe place to him to the ocean near Kitimat, B.C. Unfortunately this is very difficult as the massive oil spill, caused by allowing super tanker travel the Central Coast during winter storms (hurricane winds), covers a vast area. The recent sinking of a tugboat in this area and the inability to stop the massive diesel spill from it demonstrates the impossibility of ameliorating tanker spills in that area.


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