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New guidebook to finding Purpose free on Kindle Oct. 25-30

Hi all readers,


I'm delighted that "Not Really Coincidence:  Tracing Your Purposeful LIfe" has been published on Kindle's platform and will be available free from Fri. Oct. 25th. to Oct. 30th.  It is already available from


My Grammy equivalent (Hawaiian Hoku) nominated audiobook "Kula Keiki Ali'i" is available now on I-tunes as well as Audible books through Amazon.  I will not know until May, 2014 if it has won the "Spoken Word" category but I am very happy it has been nominated in the Hawaii Association Recording Artists yearly contest.  My sincere thanks to Guy Gaumont of Maui Filmworks Inc. for taking care of every aspect of bringing the audiobook into being and my sincere gratitude to Wayne Moniz, the narrator of the audiobook.  People hearing the audiobook tell me they can't stop listening even though it runs for over six hours.


I'm now working on a new Adventure novel with embedded history called "The Great Canadian Adventure", a temporary working title.  I'm trying to make sense of the treatment of Canadian First Nations's people from the time of Contact to the present day.  I'm getting the sense that clashing world views were behind the abominable failure to treat the First Nation's people with any kind of fairness.  The Euro-Centric world view that they were the most advanced civilization and that individual accomplishment rather than collective accomplishment was important  permeates their total lack of fair play while the value of the collective in the Native world view is totally dismissed. This appears to be what led to the intense forcing of Assimilation through Residential schools and the total resistence to assimilate by First Nation's People to the present day. 


Anyway I am absorbed in catching up on Canadian history from early contact to the present.  Somehow a novel will come out of all this.  I am managing to play a little golf as well.







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