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New Guidebook To Finding Meaning and Purpuse in Your LIfe

Hi all readers,


I am really happy that my new Metaphysical guidebook "Not Really Coincidence:  Tracing Your Purposeful Life" has been published and is available for sale on and in a Kindle Edition as well.  Many people these days are suffering a sense of restlessness because they do not have meaning or purpose in their lives.  This can be eliminated by finding the crossroads (Destiny Points) in your life where you made decisions that either facilitated or hindered the purpose you came into this life to carry out.


To help with this task I have located the Destiny Points in my life that resulted in reaching my goal of raising awareness by writing novels, guidebooks and non-fiction.  I have also located the Destiny Points in my late partner's life and in several people's lives who have lived what cannot be denied as Purposful lives including Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Walt Disney, Emily Carr and the British philosopher Bertrand Russell.

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