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Hawaii For The Tourists and the Wealthy of the World

Hi All,

I'm just back from a pleasant visit to Oahu   Here are a few pictures from my bus ride out to Makaha over December.  While I was riding the bus over to Makaha I noticed a sign saying "Save Makaha Beach"  asking people to go to  So I looked the website up and was amazed to find that the mainly Native Hawaiian area of Makaha had a highway running through its main beach park  (Farrington Highway).  I also passed the main prison on Oahu.  It is really a scary looking place.

To get from the changerooms to the beach it is necessary to cross over the main highway.  There is not even a crosswalk and someone has even been killed when a drunken driver ran into the bus stop there.  You might want to look at the website and sign their petition to correct the matter and take the highway further towards the mountains.  I was struck by the discrepancy between expenditures (sixteen billion dollars to extend light rail) to the wealthy new City of Kapolei plus the area that has just been sold by the Campbell Estate people for thousands of new homes on former agricultural land and the amount spent in predominatly Native Hawaiian areas.

I don't think Queen Ka'ahumanu would be pleased by the vast discrepancy between expenditures on Native Hawaiian areas and wealthy areas.  She was pretty well responsible for the decision to Westernize Hawaii.

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