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Exciting New Beginnings

  Exciting things are happening.


I'm going down to Maui in late April, 2013 to be interviewed on Truth & Justice because one of my Hawaii novels, Kula Keiki Ali'i (Chief's Children's School) has been turned into an audio book.  Wayne Moniz, the noted Hawaii playwrite has recorded the book for me.  It will be available soon through Monotunes.


Also, I've finished a new adventure novel called "At The Eagle's Edge:  Our Choices, Our Future and Our Environment."  It's about the danger to British Columbia's Northern and Central coastlines from the sudden fast tracking of oil tanker permissions.  These monstrous oil tankers will be carrying diluted bitumen (Dilbit) tar sands oil with toxic condensate added to allow the heavy gunk to flow through pipelines.  If the super tankers go down (700,000 tons) and they will because of the hurricane winds in our severe winter storms the spills will not be recoverable.  The tar sands oil will likely sink and destroy most of our inter-tidal life.  Migratory birds and whales will be effected as they migrate back through Hecate Straight and Dixon entrance.  I hope the adventure, romantic, environmental novel helps conservation groups worried about the future of B.C.'s and the world's migratory species as they move through B.C.'s waters.  The area impacted includes the Great Bear Rain Forest that has the world's only 400 Spirit Bears and Haida Gwai.  "At the Eagle's Edge" will be available in May 2013 through, Create and Amazon Kindle e-books.

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