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Hi all.


Exciting news.  My latest Environmental, Adventure Novel, "At Eagle's Edge:  Our Choices, Our Future and Our Environment is now available on Amazon's Kindle as well as in print.  For five days it can be downloaded free (June 26th. 2013 to June 30th., 2013 as well as all my other books.  Just use Amazon's free Kindle app for download on Kindles, Iphones, PC's, tablets and the new Blackberry 10.  "At Eagle's Edge" contains important information as well as being a good read.  Embedded is information about what keeps the Exxon Valdez super tankers full of crude oil from Alaska safe now during their voyage down the Valdez Channel and pros and cons about oil and Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil diluted with toxic chemicals).


This book is a must read for both people living in B.C. and people concerned about the Great Bear Rainforest and the Spirit bear.  The bear and the entire wildlife chain in the pristine Central B.C. coastline including whales, salmon,  eagles, shorebirds and sea lions. etc. are threatened by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline and super tankers moving down the Douglas Channel through a maze of islands during the winter hurricane season.


I've redone my websites and have classified my books into four categories:  Environment novels, Humor Novels, Hawaii Historical novels, self-help guides and my first Metaphysical book "No Need To Say Goodbye.  I'm working on my second Metaphysical book called "Not Really Coincidence" about Purposeful Lives (lives we planned before we came into this world) and it should be ready in the near future (two months).


In other news one of my Hawaii Literary Histories - "Kula Keiki Ali'i (Chief's Children's School) is being turned into an audiobook in Maui.  This book tells of the Indoctrination rather than the Education of the young children who would become monarchs of Hawaii by a crazy Hell and Brimstone missionary in a residential school who who did tremendous damage by whipping them with rawhide whips, telling the children Hawaiians were pagan, that the sins of adultery were killing off Hawaiians, and that they would never become monarchs unless they converted to Christianity.  This audobook will be available through Amazon's ACx platform in the near future.

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