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At Eagles' Edge - An Environmental novelLiliha and the Sacred Mission - a young adult novelKuhina Nui - A Hawaii novelWelcome to my Website
Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D. is a School Psychologist who writes unique books, environmental books, historical novels and metaphysical books with  Psychological and Educational themes.  A complete list of my twent-two books can be found on my other website  MY LATEST BOOK IS THE GREAT CANADIAN ADVENTURE:  FROM INDIAN COUNTRY TO NATIVE STATE. It tells the part usually left out of Canadian history books, the story of the heroism and survival of the First Nations people of Canada from 1600  to the present day.  It is also a riveting adventure.   IT IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND ON  KINDLE.  THE SECOND BOOK IS AN AUDIOBOOK OF MY NOVEL KULA KEIKI ALI'I that tells the real story of what happened to the children who became Hawaii's last five Monarchs as they were placed in a residential school for six years straight, the boys whipped and told how pagan and hopeless they were..  IT RUNS FOR SIX HOURS AS A MP3 AND CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM AUDIBLE ON AMAZON.COM.  it is also available on the I-tunes store. THIS AUDIOBOOK HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE HAWAIIAN EQUIVALENT OF A GRAMMY - A HOKU FROM THE HAWAII ASSOCIATION OF RECORDED ARTISTS.
Novel about a residential school in HawaiiNovel about teenager growing up on Kauai in the nineteen twentiesAdventure novel set on the Great Barrier Reef and in AustraliaLove and Romance Novel Set In HawaiiAutobiographical report of contact with partner after death.Romance novel about a physically handicapped teenagerNovel about Oil Drilling in Alaska Native Wildlife Refuge and Bering Sea.41n1uPcITEL  SL160 PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18 SH30 OU01 AA160 Non-retirement, retirement guide for baby boomers.Adventure novel set in West PapuaHawaii History Novel about a residential school for children who became monarchs of HawaiiFunny novel about Buddhism, love and romance
This site emphasises my latest books. My second to latest book at the top is entitled "Not Really Coincidence:  Tracing Your Purposeful Life."   It is a guidebook to finding meaning and purpose in your life.   A Purposeful Life is a blueprint we make for goals before we incarnate.  Destiny Points are crossroads where we make decisions that either hinder or facilitate our Blueprint.  
 "Kula Keiki Al'i (Chief's Children's School) is an AUDIOBOOK that has the honor of being nominated for the Hawaiian equivalent of a GRAMMY, A HAKU in the Hawaii Association of Recording Artists Spoken Word Category in 2014's Haku awards. 
"At Eagle's Edge" is another recent book.   It is a, environmental, adventure novel featuring the Great Bear Rain Forest and a sea lion caught in a oil spill caused by allowing huge tankers to travel up the pristine Central coast of British Columbia.  I wrote it to support Environmental Groups trying to get facts out to a complacent public about the dangers from super tankers loaded with Dilbit (diluted Tar Sands Oil) being allowed to move through Pristine wilderness and coastal areas in winter, hurricane force winds.
 Another non-fiction book that fits with "Not Really Coincidence" is another Metaphysical book  "No Need To Say Goodbye" This book is autobigraphical and was written because of the unusual occurrence following the death of my beloved partner Edward Bird. 
Five books are Hawaii history embedded in romance, mystery and adventure novels including "An End To Innocence", "Kula Keiki Ali'i (Chief's Children's School", "Kuhina Nui", about King Kamehameha's favorite wife, "Kuliano", set in Kauai, and 5 star Midwest Book reviewed Aloha and Mai Tais.
One book, "Liliha and the Sacred Mission" is a young adult adventure novel set in Kauai.
One book is an autobiographical journal testifying to the survival of mind and personality following the passing of my beloved partner Edward Michel Bird, a fellow author.  It is entitled "No Need To Say Goodbye".
"Mission Mururoa" is a love and romance novel set in Tahiti. I wrote it after a GreenPeace warning that radionucleides are leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the atomic testing of the Moruroa Atoll 1966-1996.
"Journey Great Barrier Reef" is a love and romance novel set in Australia.  I wrote it after a GreenPeace warning that 600,000 lbs. of Cyanide in barrels when a barge went down on the Great Barrier Reef near Raine Island and are corroding.
"Healing Khadijah" is a love and romance novel set in Malaysia and Singapore.  I wrote it after viewing culture clash with ladies in Burkas Parasailing near Penang.
"Money Child" is a love and romance novel set in California.  It has embedded Tibetan Buddhist teachings about relationships.
"Alaska Now" is a love and romance novel about oil and the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge threatened by oil drilling.
All these books are on and are available in Kindle e-book format as well as print.  The informative and entertaining audiobook is available on I-tunes and
My books can be categorized into five categories, Environmental Books, Hawaii Novels, Non-Fiction, Literary Histories Metaphysical books and humor novels.
I was a finalist in the Dan Poynter e-book awards.  I was a winner in the Telluride Indiefest Screenplay contest.  My novel Aloha and Mai Tais got a five star rating from Midwest Book Review.  My novel Journey Great Barrier Reef was a runner up in the 18, 000 entry Writer's Digest Screenplay contest. My novel At Eagle's Edge attempts to help people trying to save the Spirt Bear and the Great Bear Rainforest from logging and oil spill destruction.

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